Artwork Preparation

Software Requirements
Artwork files are generally created with the following software: PC - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. MAC - Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. We maintain the latest versions. Call for suitability of submitting art in other software formats.

Image Resolution and File Formats
At the actual finished pad size, images must have a minimum resolution of 300ppi. Scans, photographs, or art must be saved in .TIF, .PSD, .EPS, .AI, .PDF, or a high resolution .JPEG. The file formats of .GIF, .PPT, .PICT, .BMP, web pages or banners are generally not suitable for printing. Pictures from digital cameras work very well if taken at the camera's highest resolution.

Colors should be designated as "spot" or "full color process" (CMYK). Spot colors should be selected from the Pantone or HKS color matching systems. Spot colors that will be printed in full color process must be converted to CMYK equivalents unless they are intended to be printed as additional colors. Colors defined in RGB must be converted to CMYK. Converting spot or RGB colors to CMYK may change their appearance. Color reproduction on cloth surface pads may not produce exact colors but will be a close representation. If color is critical, please indicate pantone colors or provide a color print out that can be used as a target.

Color Trapping
1stPads™ will apply the necessary settings to ensure proper trapping between adjoining colors.

Bleeds and Crop Marks
Artwork should bleed 1/8" on all sides, beyond the pad's final size. Click here for example

Live Area and Borders
Keep text a minimum of 1/4" inside the final size. Borders that parallel the edge of the pad are not recommended since even slight variations in print position may be noticeable. If a border must be used, position it at least 1/4" or more from the edge of the pad.

Radius Corners
When designing your artwork, keep in mind that all standard rectangular pads have radius corners. The corner radius is 1/4" for small pads and 3/8" for medium and large pads. Custom corner radius' are available.

Convert all text to curves or outlines whenever possible. If fonts cannot be converted, provide both the screen and printer fonts to prevent output problems. The dye sublimation process used on cloth pads is subject to dot gain which may fill in small reversed type or make type difficult to read. When choosing this type of pad, we recommend using a font size of 18 pts or larger for serif fonts and 12 pts or larger for san serif fonts. Reverse type should be set to bold and reversed lines should be 1.5 points or greater.

Submitting Digital Files
Artwork must be provided as output ready digital files. Use the following checklist to ensure accuracy:
Artwork is correctly sized and placed.
Editable versions of all files are included.
Placed or imported graphic files are linked to the layout document, not embedded.
All linked files are provided.
All text is converted to curves or outlines (recommended) or printer and screen fonts are included.
Bleeds, traps, live image area and color settings conform to specifications on this page.
Outline for custom die cut provided.

Digital Media
Files can be submitted via the internet or on CD.

On-line File Transfer
Go to File Transfer for detailed instructions on sending files via the internet. Files of 3MB or less can be sent as an email attachment. For larger file transfers, our website provides information for FTP transfers. Please call for password.

MicroStore Inc., 1stPads and Super-Thin are all trade names of MicroStore Inc.™. Please respect all copyright or usage rights connected to the image supplied for reproduction. Customers will hold harmless and indemnify MicroStore Inc./1stPads for all claims and expenses for actions in law that may result from the use of copyright images.

Free Samples !

Free samples can be provided to businesses within the United States or Canada.

Shipments of samples to other countries will require either a Fed Ex or UPS shipper number. 

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