File Transfer Information

  1. Please review our Artwork Preparation specifications
  2. Please compress your files prior to transfer
  3. Please do not send files as email attachments if they are over 3MB
  4. Transfer your files
  5. Inform 1stPads that your file has been transferred.
    Please include information on what software was used to create the file and what type and size of product you are ordering.

File Transfer Methods

  • Please use your company as the file name and compress your files prior to transfer. Please email us the file information to let us know your file(s) are transferred.

  • 1stPads server:
    Host name:
    Host Type: Automatic detect
    User ID: mouseartwork
    Password: call for password
    Account: upload
    -- Download FTP Software for the Mac here--

  • Your server:
    Place the files on your server and email us the file location information and any user names and passwords required.

  • MSN messenger: microstore_mousepads
    MSN messenger gives detailed instructions on sending files in their help section.

Free Samples !

Free samples can be provided to businesses within the United States or Canada.

Shipments of samples to other countries will require either a Fed Ex or UPS shipper number. 

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