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Cloth Surface Pads: A traditional favorite
A superior product value -- durable and economical. Combines a superb tracking surface with vibrant color and the soft touch of fabric. Materials: Soft woven polyester bonded to natural open-cell rubber. (available in 3 thicknesses) Printing options: Dye sublimation for spot colors or 4-color process graphics. Applications: Especially well-suited for bold colors and designs.

Textured Plastic Surface Pads: Durable -- exceptional image quality
Plastic surface pads offer precise tracking and accurate graphics reproduction. The nonporous surface simply wipes clean and provides long-lasting protection for artwork. Materials: Fine-grain textured plastic bonded to natural open-cell rubber. (Available in 2 thicknesses) Printing options: High resolution offset lithography for spot colors or 4-color process graphics. Applications: Ideal for intricate designs, small text and accurate color matching.

Absorbent Cloth Coasters: 4" x 4" Square or Round
A high-impact, low cost promotional item that features the same high quality materials and brilliant dye sublimation printing used in our soft surface cloth pads. The nonskid base and absorbent surface makes these coasters a welcome addition to any desktop. 1/8" or 3/16" thicknesses.

Control a piece of the most valuable advertising real estate in the world of business -- your client's desktop. 1stPads are exceptionally effective in building corporate identity and promoting products, services and events.

High Perceived Value End users recognize a quality-made mouse pad as a functional computer accessory and attach greater value to it than other comparably priced premiums. Even with the introduction of the optical mouse, pads continue to be used to define a clear workspace, achieve smoother action and protect valuable furniture.

Commanding Presence 1stPads become permanent desktop fixtures. They hold a prominent position that keeps your name and message up front, on top and within arm's reach.

Visual Impact 1stPads offer the freedom of an artist's canvas. The large image area and outstanding print quantity delivers your message with maximum effect. Full color capability, custom die cuts and specialty surfaces further enhance your ability to create a uniquely memorable impression.

You are in excellent company when you choose 1stPads. Since 1985, we have manufactured custom mouse pads for many of the world's largest and most widely known companies and organizations. Yet, regardless of size, every customer we serve receives first-class attention. We offer the reliability of long experience and provide the additional services you may require to successfully launch your promotional program.

Proven Performance: Quick turnaround -- On-time delivery -- Exact product counts

Distribution support: Generic boxing -- Drop shipment

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